Vision & Mission

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Our Values

United through service and sacrifice, to:

Work for the benefit of others

Give something of ourselves to others

Stand with others with whom you share a common bond

Our Vision

Going above and beyond for the Air Force Family and Air Force.

Our Mission

Championing the future, Connecting the Now, Honouring the past, for the Air Force Family’s well-being.


We speak with one voice.

Our views have influence and impact.

We uphold the interest of Air Force and the Air Force Family.

We are well positioned to support the wellbeing of the Air Force Family into the next century.


The wellbeing of the Air Force Family benefits from our Whole-of-Life Engagement.

We work as one with Air Force as our Number 1 partner.

We are trusted by our partners and respected by our stakeholders.

Honouring and Nurturing the Air Force Legacy

Fallen comrades receive the recognition they deserve.

The Australian community to know the Air Force story well.

Commemorative events are delivered collaboratively with our stakeholders

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