75 Years Aloft – Royal Australian Air Force Air Training Corps, Australian Air Force Cadets

In this comprehensive, thoroughly researched book Matthew Glozier describes the remarkable 75 year history of the Air Training Corps (ATC) and Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC) and pays tribute to the over 150,000 cadets and staff whose lives the organisation has positively influenced.

Formed in 1941, the purpose of the ATC was to attract airminded youth into the rapidly expanding RAAF and by the end of WWII over 13,000 had done so. The ATC continued post-war when the emphasis changed to training in citizenship, discipline and fostering comradeship, loyalty and leadership.

The ATC struggled to survive in the 1970s when the government of the day saw the cadet movement as warlike and a drain on the federal government budget but the dedication of staff with active support from the RAAF enabled it to emerge stronger than ever after a change of government. It was during this period that quite a few former members joined the RAAF and some reached CAS rank. In 1982 females were able to enrol. The emphasis on aviation was restored and new activities were initiated. On the 80th anniversary of the RAAF the cadets underwent a name change to Australian Air Force Cadets. Cadets are now prominent in supporting many national and local commemorative events, providing a disciplined and smart uniformed presence but the primary role is to motivate airminded young people to seek a career in the RAAF.

AAFC officer and historian Flying Officer Glozier has written a scholarly, eminently readable and profusely illustrated history which will bring back many memories to former members as well as informing a wider audience of their achievements. It is available from the author at matthew.glozier@airforcecadets.gov.au, costing $25.75, soft cover.

Les Sullivan (RAAFA, Vic Branch)

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