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 Educational Bursary and Encouragement Awards

2024 Bursary Application Form

About the Educational Bursaries

Since 2010, educational bursaries have assisted more than 40 young students of RAAF Vietnam veterans with their education or training endeavors. 

The concept of educational bursaries was introduced in 2009 as an initiative of the RAAF Vietnam Veterans Association (RAAF VVA) as a way of providing assistance to eligible dependents of Vietnam veterans in recognised educational or training. Originally funded by the RAAF Association Foundation, the bursaries are now funded by the Air Force Association Victoria.

The first bursaries were awarded in February 2010 and presented at a ceremony prior to the RAAF VVA Annual General Meeting to three young women who were undertaking tertiary studies.  This tradition has been continued every year since the first presentation and only interrupted in 2021 when State Government COVID lockdown restrictions winners were announced via video conferencing. 

Over 40 young students have been awarded bursaries since they were introduced and the program, initially designed to assist tertiary students, has been expanded to include students studying at primary and secondary schools.  Included in this total are students who have been awarded a bursary on more than one occasion.  

A separate Incentive Award, funded by the RAAF VVA, in addition to the bursaries, has also been presented annually.  In 2014 the Incentive Award, with the new title of Encouragement Award and funded by individual members of the RAAF VVA Committee, was formalized in memory of John “Snow” Coughlan CGM and presented each year by his widow, Gill.

In 2017, the President of the RAAF VVA, Lee Scully, introduced another Encouragement Award in memory of his wife Ellen who had passed away in 2016. A year later, following the tragic death of Lee in a motor-cycle accident in the USA, financial support for the Award was assumed by individual members of the committee as the Lee and Ellen Scully Encouragement Award.

Eligibility has been expanded to children/grandchildren of any Victorian RAAF veterans...

President of the RAAF VVA Branch, Chris Hudnott explained, “Originally the Bursaries were conceived as support for children and grandchildren for students undertaking tertiary studies.

“However, eligibility for the Bursaries has been expanded over the years and they are now available for children or grandchildren (resident in Victoria) of any RAAF veteran with operational service or 3+ years’ continuous service.”

Educational study has also been expanded to include any recognised educational or training courses. 

2024 Bursary Application Form

Eligibility Details

The child, adopted child or grandchild (who normally resides in Victoria) of a person with operational service, or three or more years continuous full time service, as a member of the Royal Australian Air Force.

The stepchild or foster child is eligible, if they have resided with or been financially supported by the veteran stepparent or foster parent, for five of the last ten years.

Under the age of 25 when applying unless exceptional circumstances, related to the veteran’s service, exist. Enrolled in (or planning to enrol in) any recognised educational or training course.
Any activity or representation associated with any recognised educational or training course.


1. Applicants may apply separately or be nominated by any Branch member of the Air Force Association (Victorian Division).

2. When completing the Application Form, please ensure you advise the educational or training course you are undertaking (or planning to undertake).

3. Previous scholarship winners are entitled to reapply.


The RAAF VVA Bursary Sub-Committee will assess applications/ nominations on merit.


Applications to be forwarded to the President, RAAF Vietnam Veterans Association, by the third Friday in January of each year.

The President, RAAF VVA, will advise the successful applicant/applicants and the bursary amount during the second week of February each year and will invite the successful applicant/applicants to attend the Annual General Meeting for presentation of the Bursary and Bursary Certificate.

Further Information: Chris Hudnott | President RAAFVVA | ruth.chris@bigpond.com 0438 331 215.


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