Application for Membership

The Air Force Association has the following membership categories:

  • Ordinary Membership
  • AFA Youth Membership
  • Life Membership
  • Honorary Membership

Air Force Association members may be members of multiple branches. However, they pay one annual subscription fee each year only. Branch levies may apply.


  • Regular networking events held by AFA (Victoria) and Branches
  • Opportunities to attend key commemorative events
  • WINGS - Air Force Association quarterly magazine
  • Contact - AFA (Victoria) quarterly newsletter
  • Access to advocacy and support services for retired personnel
  • Opportunities to become more involved with AFA (Victoria) and its Branches

Persons interested in becoming a member of the Association may apply for Ordinary or AFA Youth Membership according to the following criteria:

Ordinary Membership (Adult)

(Subscription rate is $35 (includes GST) per calendar year.)

  • Serving or former members (Permanent or Reserve) of the ADF or Allied Armed Service.
  • Serving or former members of the Australian Air Force Cadets or Air Training Corps.
  • Non-serving/member of the public, with an interest in aviation and the RAAF; and support the objectives of the Air Force Association.
  • Family member(s) of serving or former member of RAAF, ADF or Allied Armed Service, Australian Air Force Cadets or Air Training Corps.

AFA Youth Membership

(Subscription rate is $11 (includes GST) per calendar year.)

  • AFA Youth Membership is open to Australian Air Force Cadets between the ages of 8 and 17 years.

If you require assistance in completing this Membership form please Contact Us.

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In the event of my admission as a Member of the Association, I agree to be bound by the Rules of the Association for the time being in force.

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