Honouring Our Legacy and Our People

The Air Force Association actively participates in all major national commemorative events and extends the hand of camaraderie to those who have served or are serving, and their families, through social gatherings and reunions.

We owe it to our current and future veterans to honour and uphold our Air Force heritage and proud tradition of service.  

Here, we honour and remember people and events who have shaped our Air Force history with stories and pictures.


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Vietnamese-Australian Community Honours 521 Australians Lost in the Vietnam War

Members of the Vietnamese-Australian and the Vietnam Veterans Branch came together for a Dedication Ceremony for a memorial honouring Australians lost in the Vietnam War.


The Australian Flying Corps Memorial, RAAF Base Point Cook

The Australian Flying Corps Memorial was funded by the Australian Flying Corps Association and created to honour the airmen who fought so valiantly for the noble purpose of preserving freedom.



Unveiling of the RAAF Vietnam Veterans Plaque

Three line squadrons and a number of supporting units were committed to active service in South Vietnam, but for many veterans of that conflict, the RAAF has never really acknowledged the service of those units and personnel to the Nation in general or the RAAF in particular.


Australian Flying Corps Memorial

Over 60 years ago the members of the Australian Flying Corps Association (AFCA), which, in Victoria, later became the Australian Flying Corps Branch of RAAFA, contemplated a memorial over a number of years and finally settled upon the present design and chose Point Cook as its location.


Restoration Of The Grave Of Henri Hemene Tovell

Henri Hemene Tovell was a young French orphan who was “adopted” by the men of No 4 Squadron Australian Flying Corps during their service in France in World War I. 

Although not formally a member of the Air Force, he was accorded a military style funeral and the Australian Flying Corp erected a striking monument over his grave at the Fawkner Cemetery in Melbourne. This is his story.


30 Memorials Items found:      Showing Memorials Items 26 - 30