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Annual Bursary Awards 2020 - Applications for next year's bursaries are now open.

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The RAAF (Vic) Foundation together with the RAAF Vietnam Veterans Association (Vic) are proud to announce to two new bursary awards to go with the current annual bursaries.

The Royal Australian Air Force (Vic) Foundation in conjunction with the Royal Australian Air Force Vietnam Veterans Association (Vic) has established an annual Bursary for eligible dependents.

The Bursary, administered by the RAAF Vietnam Veterans Association, represents another facet of the assistance both Associations are delivering to former and serving RAAF members and their families.

This year we are proud to announce two additional Awards:

The 'John 'Snow' Coughlan Encouragement Award' and 'The Lee and Ellen Scully Encouragement Award'.

These two separate Awards, named in honour of our highly esteemed past members, will provide an amount of $500 to applicants deemed most worthy of such assistance. 

*  CLOSING DATE FOR APPLICATIONS – Friday, 25th January 2020  *


  • The child adopted child or grandchild of a person with operational service, or three or more years continuous fulltime service, as a member of the Royal Australian Air Force.
  • The stepchild or foster child is eligible, if they have resided with or been financially supported by the veteran stepparent or foster parent, for five of the last ten years.
  • Under the age of 25 when applying unless exceptional circumstances, related to the veteran’s service, exist.
  • Enrolled in (or planning to enrol in) any recognised educational or training course.
  • Any activity or representation associated with any recognised educational or training course.


  1. Applicants may apply separately or be nominated by any Branch member of the Air Force Association or RAAF Vietnam Veterans Association.
  2. When completing the Application Form, please ensure you advise the educational or training course you are undertaking (or planning to undertake).
  3. Previous scholarship winners are entitled to reapply.


The RAAF Vietnam Veterans Association Bursary Sub-Committee will assess applications/ nominations on merit.

All applicants for the Bursary will be considered for either the John ‘Snow’ Coughlan CGM Encouragement Award, or the Lee and Ellen Scully Encouragement Award, so there is no need to apply separately.


Applications to be forwarded to the Secretary, RAAF Vietnam Veterans Association by the 4th Friday in January of each year.  

 The Secretary RAAF Vietnam Veterans Association will advise the successful applicant/applicants and the bursary amount during the second week of February each year.

The Secretary RAAF Vietnam Veterans Association will invite the successful applicant/applicants to attend the Annual General Meeting for presentation of the Bursary Certificate.

The Treasurer shall contact the successful applicant/applicants to arrange how invoices associated with the Bursary will be paid.

The Application Form can be accessed via the link:

Please address your Application to Mrs Gill Coughlan, Secretary RAAFVVA, via: -

Email: or,

Australia Post: Unit 10, 42 Coral Drive, Hampton Park Vic 397.


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