Game of Dominoes: MHHV Victoria Conference

The 5th Biennial Two-Day Conference of  Military History and Heritage Victoria Inc.

13 - 14 April 2024

Waverley RSL, Melbourne.

This conference examines the Cold War period (1947-1990), its impact on Australia’s defence posture and Australia’s contribution to the anti-Communist alliance during this time. Australia’s involvement in Asia in particular, arising from its part in the ANZUS treaty of 1951 and in SEATO from 1954 will be examined – its role in the Malayan Emergency, the Korean War, konfrontasi and the Vietnam War all within the context of potential nuclear war.

Chaired by Professor of History Craig Stockings, UNSW - Official Historian of Australian Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Australian Peacekeeping Operations in East Timor.

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